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Now recruiting!

We're currently looking for a hacker/codey type person to get things started back up. Details are still up in the air at the moment, but feel free to shoot us an e-mail with some reference to what you've done and what sort of interests you have.  Page has sat idle for too long!   Also, there is a small side project that coul [...]

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Speak no Evil, see no Evil

Sorry there hasn't been much of an update.  There's not a lot I can say really other than I'm attempting to get started back up with Dinosaur Resurrection.   As far as Zwei!! and Zwei 2 go, they're not abandoned projects, but....there's nothing I can really say about them at this time.   If I haven't [...]

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Happy Holidays

As this holiday season kicks in, BoF Games wants to wish everyone a good holiday season, and hopes 2014 will be much more productive going forward.

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Still here, still plucking away

While I'd say no news is good news, I suppose that's not always the case.   We're still here, and last I heard the programmer was getting his new computer so we'll see where that takes things.   In other news, there's not too much detail I can give out, other than I'm working on things that I'll be ab [...]

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Silence of the lambs

Currently waiting on a replacement PC for the coder in order to compile and wrap everything up for Zwei 2.  Life is a cruel mistress I suppose.   Lacking actual news I opted to keep quiet, but enough people were chomping at the bit that I felt it wise to make a formal announcement.  Just bear with us a bit longer.  The pro [...]

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