Zwei 2




          Set in the same world of Granvallen as the previous game, Zwei!!, this is another Action RPG game released by Falcom in 2008. This loveable RPG full of memorable characters and sometimes cheesy dialogue make it a blast to play.   

       Ragna Valentine, the Treasure Hunter and main protagonist, is making a delivery, when he is beset by strangers who take his plane down, crashing him on the floating island of Irrbard. His physical attacks with his custom Anchor Gear allow you to lay the beat down on foes as well as find utility in its versatility!  Most know him as the Aeromaniac.


Alwen Du Moonbria, the vampire princess is your partner in this adventure.  Her magic has been stolen away, and her castle has been siezed by an unknown enemy. After seeing Ragna's debacle, she decides to give him a choice:  Help her or die!  Alwen's magical arsenal allows you to attack enemies in a variety of ways from a distance. Having been sequestered in her castle her entire life, her understanding of the world of humans is limited at best.


          The combat system blends both characters in seamless transitioning between each.  Freeze the enemies with magic, and then pound them hard with the Anchor Gear!  Knock your foes away, and then set them on fire! Those adorable kobolds are going to get the spanking of their life! There are loveable pets as well who will accompany you on your journey.

          One of the things that makes the Zwei!! series unique is in how the RPG doles out experience for levelling.  Killing enemies doesn't reward experience, but rather food and money.  The food can heal you, and also provide you EXP!  Do you ration your source of healing wisely, eating as the challenge grows, or do you gorge yourself like a fat kid in a candy shop, packing on the pounds AND levels in one fell swoop? The balance is for you to decide!





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Project credits to

Jessica "tancients" Bird -Translator, 'zzblue' -Programmer, Paul 'Unorigino' Crossman -Editor, Jahrain and  'SkyeWelse' -Artwork