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Still here, still plucking away

While I'd say no news is good news, I suppose that's not always the case.   We're still here, and last I heard the programmer was getting his new computer so we'll see where that takes things.   In other news, there's not too much detail I can give out, other than I'm working on things that I'll be ab [...]

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Silence of the lambs

Currently waiting on a replacement PC for the coder in order to compile and wrap everything up for Zwei 2.  Life is a cruel mistress I suppose.   Lacking actual news I opted to keep quiet, but enough people were chomping at the bit that I felt it wise to make a formal announcement.  Just bear with us a bit longer.  The pro [...]

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Where there's two, there's....two?

While Zwei 2 may be on the sidelines for a few more weeks, that isn't to say all the bed rest has been wasted.  Lots of progress has been made on the first Zwei! game's dialogue and menus and items.   Even if it doesn't seem appealing to most people, the game characters and dialogue itself is also incredibly charming and [...]

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March of the Tides

So due to unforseen events, things got a bit waylayed.  The announcement of a March release, followed by an airplane accident, a trip to a hospital, and a lot of blood, I'm not able to return home for a couple more months. Some of the files needed to finalize the release are on the computer at home, so there's a bit of a delay.... [...]

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Valentine's Day - Lovely News!

Much love to those of you who've stuck it out.  March is only a couple weeks away, and we're rapidly putting the finishing touches onto Zwei 2.  Two surprises are in store, free DLC content, for those who have been waiting!   In other news, I'll be out of the country for a few weeks and so there won't be a lot o [...]

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