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Valentine's Day - Lovely News!

Much love to those of you who've stuck it out.  March is only a couple weeks away, and we're rapidly putting the finishing touches onto Zwei 2.  Two surprises are in store, free DLC content, for those who have been waiting!


In other news, I'll be out of the country for a few weeks and so there won't be a lot of updates. So how about a few words from the cast:


"Any Treasure Hunter worth their salt is always thinkin' 'bout how they use their chow." -Odessa

"I hear tell it is a versatile weapon, useful in a variety of situations, difficult to handle though it is." - Claude

"(She does appear to be a wielder of magic, but that power is very subdued for some reason...)" - Fiona

"There's no way you could do something like that, Alwen! I just know it!" - Pockle

"Speaking of trademarks, mine happens to be this adorable pink beret♪" - Pipiro

"Ever fighting to spread the good word of magnificent muscles across the WOOORLD!" -Gallandou

"My point is, I am able to control the forces of the universe, so such lowly techniques are unnecessary..." -Alwen

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