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Zwei!! and the woes it brings

So, Zwei!! is one of those games designed with no other market in mind.  Where textboxes are made to fit only 4-5 characters a line, and everything is super tight on space because of it. So, in an effort to get further ideas and thoughts, I am reaching out to the community for their thoughts on the matter.   Would people prefer to p [...]

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Wrapping up!

Expanded a little more, filled out some more pages.  I know people are direly waiting for Zwei 2's patch announcement, but just hold's so very, very close!

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New site

Finally have a new site up and running, thanks to an amazing and generous effort from 'cjay'.   The rest of the pages will slowly be fleshed out with in-development screenshots, information about the games to those who've never heard of them, and more!   Feel free to leave a comment, or pass the link along once more [...]

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